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AirSaver F2 Machine

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About AirSaver

The AirSaver F2 Air Cushioning System is designed to generate Air Pillows on-demand for void fill and bracing applications to secure shipment during transit. Its compact footprint and easy operations will allow you to streamline your shipping operations and reduce costs.


The AirSaver system offers many advantages over traditional packaging materials like peanuts, paper or foam. The air pillow materials are stored flat on a roll until they are inflated for use, which significantly reduces storage and shipping cost. In addition, Air Pillows are cleaner and easier to use compared to traditional materials and are the preferred packaging material of choice by today's consumers. AirSaver films are recyclable and can be reused, which makes this product the most environmentally friendly packaging material in the market.


Better Design Better User Performance


Convenient in moving from place to place.

Instant Heating Design

It takes only a few seconds to the standby mode after starting up the machine.

Easy Installation of Film

Only take 10 seconds to replace one film size to another.Can work with 9 different type of films.

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive button design allows to work right out of box. No training is required!

Foot Pedal

Turn on and off the machine by pressing the pedal. Really useful when the hands are busy or holding plenty of things

Constant Temperature Design

The user friendly design is to enable all the air pillows are sealed properly without affecting by the extremities in operation temperature.

Time Setter

Users can preset time of operation by the LED panel.

Superb Machine Stability

The machine can operate in a long duration due to the stability of it.

High Quality Conveyor Belt

High quality teflon belt is used in the axle, which can prevent sticking on the film.

Optional Accessories


Foot Pedal

Users only need to connect the foot pedal to the port on the front part of the machine. Very simple, easy and convenient to use.

AirSaver F2 Cart

Users can place the machine and films on the cart for easy movement from one place to another, which is common in daily operation.


Collection Basket

Users can store large quantities of air pillows in the collection basket for quick use and keep the working area tidy.


A sensor can be installed at two sides on the top of the Collection Basket. Air pillows will be piled up from the bottom of the cart when the machine inflates air to the film. Once the sensor detects the air pillows, that means the air pillows have reached the top of the cart, the machine will be stopped automatically.

|Specification of AirSaver F2

Net Weight: 10.64kg

Dimensions: 43cm x 17.7 x 25

Power: 240 / 100V 50 / 60Hz 3A

Speed: 13m / min.


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