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Save Space

AirSavers pillow comes flat in a roll and filled on-demand in the convenience of your own facility. One roll of our AirSaver 4x8 film equals to almost 8 bags or 160 cubic feet of packaging peanuts, saving you more workspace and product storage.

Save Costs

Weight is a decisive factor to your shipping costs. When using air pillows for void-fill, you are simply shipping air which adds zero weight to your overall shipping weight. Compared to traditional packaging materials, air pillow is the most cost-effective product for packaging.

Save Troubles

Perforated AirSaver Air Pillows allow you to easily rip them off without the help of extra tools.

Just rip

Clumsy manual adjustment

Need a pair of scissors to cut

Overall Comparison

✔ Perforated sizes

✔ Protects merchandise

✔ Holds position within box

✔ Environmentally Friendly

✘ Low performance

✘ Will shift during transit

✘ Messy to use

✘ Bulky

✘ High cost

✘ Very low performance

✘ High labor cost

✘ Difficult to use – paper cuts, ergonomics

✘ Overall cost is operator dependent

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